Baby Swimmers - Yorkshire

Cedar Court

Mayo Avenue, Rooley Lane, Bradford BD5 8HW [view map]
This pool is within the Cedar Court Hotel Complex and accessed to the rear of the hotel.

Please advise reception of your number plate on arrival.

You can obtain a locker card from reception on arrival. Changing rooms are situated down the corridor on the left hand side once at reception.

Maximum class size is 8

Spectators are welcome, although shoes must be taken off or blue covers worn.

The temperature is 30°C, so we recommend babies under 6 months old wear a baby snug which is available from our website.

We share this pool with members from the health club.

Classes Available

Tuesday 3.45pm - 4.15pm

Booking enquiry

Secure your place for baby swimming classes by simply filling in short booking enquiry form.

Venue classes

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Are the exits to the pool free from obstruction?
Are changing facilities clean and safe?
Is the pool temperature within guidelines?
Is the water clear and clean?
Is the emergency phone working?
Are rescue aids in position and in good condition?
Is the lighting working?
Is the swimming equipment clean?
Has teacher/parents/children confirmed they are in good health and symptom free?
Is hand sanitiser/soap and water available for teachers, parents and swimmers?
Have touch points been sanitised before and after each class?
Is COVID-19 Signage and distance markers in place?
Is equipment being cleaned in the water after each class?