Spring – the season of new beginnings!

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With spring in the air & a glimmer of light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, there’s definitely a sense that new beginnings are finally on the horizon.

Your little one might be getting ready to head back to nursery or school for the first time in a while, and you’re both bound to have a real mixture of emotions about the whole thing.

Everyone’s been desperate to get out & about, back into some sort of ‘normal’ routine and able to catch up with friends & family face-to-face, rather than through a screen.

But the reality is that lots of us – our children included – are feeling anxious about it all. In many ways, it feels easier to carry on just staying at home.

Which is why re-starting (or even starting) those clubs & classes that get you out of the house and make you BOTH feel good should be at the top of your ‘must-do’ list.

Feelings of isolation are extremely common in new mums during pre-COVID times; but if you’ve had a baby over lockdown, chances are those feelings have been exacerbated by all the social distancing measures that have been in play, even when restrictions were eased over the summer.

Baby swimming lessons are not only one of the best things you can do to help with bonding, and also excellent for your baby’s physical development, but with opportunities for social interactions being so limited over recent months, you’ll find the social benefits are INCREDIBLY beneficial – for BOTH of you!

And even if your child is older, not only will they thrive on the interaction with others in their class as they join in the fun and games with new (and old) swim buddies, but YOU’LL benefit from being able to meet & chat with other mums & dads. Now, more than ever, everyone’s in the same boat!

We know it’s not always easy to find the motivation you need to get back into your old routine, but being part of an organised group can give you that little push on those days when you can find at least five reasons to do something else instead!

So dig out your swimming togs and dust down your swim bag – because Baby Swimmers is getting ready to put the ‘splash’ back into ‘splashtastic’!

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Are the exits to the pool free from obstruction?
Are changing facilities clean and safe?
Is the pool temperature within guidelines?
Is the water clear and clean?
Is the emergency phone working?
Are rescue aids in position and in good condition?
Is the lighting working?
Is the swimming equipment clean?
Has teacher/parents/children confirmed they are in good health and symptom free?
Is hand sanitiser/soap and water available for teachers, parents and swimmers?
Have touch points been sanitised before and after each class?
Is COVID-19 Signage and distance markers in place?
Is equipment being cleaned in the water after each class?