Award programmes

At Baby Swimmers, our classes are all structured around the STA’s International Learn to Swim programme (ILSP), an incentive-based swimming skills scheme that helps learners, regardless of how old they are, become safe and competent swimmers.
The ILSP has a series of exciting awards and certificates that reward achievement as swimmers progress.
Children generally complete one award per term, after which they’ll receive a sticker for their achievement booklet, and you’ll also be able to buy a badge and certificate.

Starfish awards

Our swimming classes for babies follow the Starfish awards, which introduce water confidence and safety skills.
Each baby is taught individually and to their own ability; and we always try and incorporate the same nursery rhymes throughout all the awards, so that your baby will become familiar with them and the activity that’s associated with each one.

Stanley awards

Once your baby has achieved all 6 of their Starfish awards, they will progress to the more advanced Stanley awards programme which is suitable for children from 2 years old.

Swimmers Academy

Our swimming classes for older children start with the Stanley awards, then progress to the more advanced Goldfish, Angel Fish and Shark series all the way through to Gold Advanced Swimmer, and finally on to our Lifesaving Awards.
Please click on one of the award types below to view further details, or to buy your badge & certificate.

Baby Swimmers Swim Programme

1 award series, 3 awards
View details

International Learn to Swim Programme

9 award series, 47 awards
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