Aquanatal classes for mums-to-be

Baby Swimmers aquanatal classes are the perfect way for you to get some gentle exercise while you’re pregnant.
They’ll help strengthen and relax both your body and mind in preparation for your baby’s birth; and because they give you some precious time out of your busy week to focus on you and your bump, they’ll help nurture the bond between you even before you meet each other for the first time.

Benefits for you

Water is wonderfully supporting for your tired and aching body, especially for your growing bump! And not only is it one of the safest ways to exercise when you’re pregnant, it’s also an effective way to strengthen your back and hips, as well as relieve any aches or swelling you might have.
What’s more, having a dedicated time when you can step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life each week will help relax your mind – leading to a better night’s sleep and improved feelings of wellbeing.

Benefits for your baby

If you’re feeling calm and relaxed, it stands to reason that your baby will be, too!
The improved blood flow to your pelvic area will help with your baby’s growth and development; and they’ll also benefit from having a bit more space to move around in as you get into stretches you’d be unable to do on dry land.
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