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Babies are born with a natural reflex to move their arms and legs in water and through singing, fun and games we progressively develop these natural reflexes to encourage voluntary swimming movements in the water which will build a foundation for your baby to swim unaided.
Babies can start at Baby Swimmers as soon as you and baby are ready and happy to do so and what a fantastic opportunity for you both to enjoy your first introduction to water together. You will see your baby start with splashing around, reaching for toys and having fun, which will soon lead to them holding on and turning to swim to you, then jumping into the water all by themselves.
Baby Swimmers benefits both parents and babies as whilst you are interacting in the water together, you are also benefitting from learning water safety and increased water confidence. Research has shown that early swimming can benefit your baby, as physically your baby will gain greater muscle control and have better hand-eye co-ordination, as well as strengthening their heart and lungs. Alertness is also improved through word association and responding to a cue such as reach, reach, reach, whilst they are looking at and reaching for toys which also helps to stimulate the natural movement of their arms and legs.
Every tiny step builds the foundations to be water confident and love their classes to learning stroke techniques as they develop, so a regular weekly swim is beneficial in so many ways. Babies do not have the physical strength to support their own body weight until they are about 3 years old, which is when they are able to start swimming on the surface. Getting to this level can be attained through steady progression, which start with short dips and goes through to longer consecutive underwater swims.
At Baby Swimmers we use simple actions accompanied by nursery rhymes, such as Humpty Dumpty Sat on the wall, where your baby will sit on the wall then lean forward to splash into the water, turn around and hold on. By repetitively using the command hold on when doing this activity, your baby will learn to do just that and before you know it your little one will be holding on to the side all by themselves, its delightful!
Holding your baby in water is a fantastic bonding experience and rewarding too, as you bond with your baby through interaction and developing trust, letting them float on their backs whilst singing twinkle twinkle little star and looking into their eyes is beautiful. We teach parents to take their baby under water from the very beginning which will encourage free movement and confidence in the water from a very early age and it is fabulous when you get the chance to sit on the bottom of the pool and see your baby swim to you!
Socially your baby will interact with other babies and join in the fun and games and as they get older sing along to the songs. For parents it is also the ideal opportunity to meet other parents and carers and form lasting friendships as your babies grow.
We also run classes for toddlers children and teenagers, and although most of our children have come through the Baby Swimmers programme, others have joined at a later stage and also benefited from our classes. We include recognized swimming strokes and repetition of these as well as still concentrating on water confidence, with the main aim of your toddlers feeling their natural buoyancy, which is why buoyancy aids are generally not used. For the older children we have our Swimmers Academy classes where your child will develop their stamina, swimming technique for all strokes and also learn life saving skills.
However the most important aspect is for you both to have fun!
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